A friend of mine asked for some help – she couldn’t access this one website from her house desktop PC. All other websites worked fine except for this one.

Website: www.4yourtype.com

First I checked the TCP/IPv4 Settings.

Step: In Windows 7 go to ‘Control Panel’ > ‘Network and Internet’ > ‘Network and Sharing Center’ > ‘Change adapter settings’ > Right click on the active connection and click ‘Properties’ > click ‘Internet Protocol Version 4 (TCP/IPv4) and click ‘Properties’.


So I did a ping test and the results showed that it wasn’t able to connect to the website.


Step: To run ping, on the Windows search bar type ‘cmd’ and press enter. When the console appears type ‘ping www.4yourtype.com’ or whatever the web address you want to test.

Second I tried the use the Google Public DNS. For more info, see this link:- https://developers.google.com/speed/public-dns/


But I still received the same the ‘Request timed out’ message above.

Then I decided to use the mobile hotspot function on my Blackberry Q10 to connect the internet from the desktop. And it worked – I was able to access the website.


We concluded that my friends internet service provider (ISP) blocked the website on their end, since I had no problems accessing the webpage from my phone (I was using a different ISP). We logged a ticket with her ISP and true enough it was a filtering on their end.

You could try these steps to check when your are having problems accessing a website.

One other thing – when I used my mobile hotspot to connect to the internet and did the ping test, it still showed ‘Request timed out’ even though I could access the website. Searching the web, I found out that some websites don’t allow ping test for security reasons. Hence, a ping test might not be conclusive in determining if a website is accessible or otherwise.




Have you ever had a situation where you lost your software drivers for your computer and Windows can’t auto-detect it? I faced this issue when trying to reformat a friend’s computer.

It was an old computer and the driver cd’s has gone missing. And I couldn’t get the speaker to work because Windows could not detect the audio card. Tried a few methods but it didn’t work. And so I decided to open the CPU and have a look at the motherboard.

1. I opened the CPU (please make sure that the power is off and the cable removed when you do this).

2. I looked for clues on the type of motherboard being used. Found this code written on the board – PM8M-VH MS-7104 VER 3.0.

3. Googled the code and immediately the first item that appeared was www.msi.com/product/mb/PM8MV.html.

4. Looked at the website and found the audio driver and other drivers.

Problem solved! :).


My last blog was on almost two months ago. OMG! – are the powers of procrastination invading again? Maybe not – I have a valid excuse (or so I convince myself) – it was Christmas and I was immersed in my Christmas gift! – the new Kindle Fire! (will talk about this in my next entry).

For now, an update on my previous entry. After uploading more photos and when the number of webpages goes beyond 1, there a link that appears to allow you to move to the next page – ‘Next page ->’. But it appears below the ad that I’ve inserted.

Hence, in order for it to appear above the ad, I just moved the ad codes lower in the HTML page as below. And  it looks perfect again.