My cousin’s Dell Dimension 3100 had a few issues; speed was one of it. That probably is due to the fact that it’s running on 512MB of RAM.

Dell Dimension 3100Dell Dimension 3100

Upgrading the RAM was one solution. But how much RAM can it take? and what type of RAM? are there any free slots available? To answer all this, I always go to my trusted source –


I think they have the RAM specs for every computer out there :). Seriously, I have never not found the info I’m looking for.

I usually use the ‘Memory Advisor’ to get the info – just select ‘Manufacturer’, then ‘Product Line’ followed by ‘Model’. You can also use the ‘System Scanner’ function – it will scan you computer and check how much of RAM you have and the slots available.


It will recommend the type of RAM and the different combinations suitable for your computer. Saves you the time having to open up the machine.

With that, you can either purchase it from or look elsewhere with the info provided.

The Dimension 3100 could only take max 2GB RAM (1GB x 2).  So I went to a local online store  ( and bought 2 pcs of Winova 1GB DDR2 667Mhz PC5300.

imageRAM Delivered

One issue solved.

Have you ever had a situation where you lost your software drivers for your computer and Windows can’t auto-detect it? I faced this issue when trying to reformat a friend’s computer.

It was an old computer and the driver cd’s has gone missing. And I couldn’t get the speaker to work because Windows could not detect the audio card. Tried a few methods but it didn’t work. And so I decided to open the CPU and have a look at the motherboard.

1. I opened the CPU (please make sure that the power is off and the cable removed when you do this).

2. I looked for clues on the type of motherboard being used. Found this code written on the board – PM8M-VH MS-7104 VER 3.0.

3. Googled the code and immediately the first item that appeared was

4. Looked at the website and found the audio driver and other drivers.

Problem solved! :).