My company uses OrgPublisher software to display our organisation chart within the intranet.

Recently, after upgrading my browser to IE11, the chart did not display; instead it brought me to – the owners of OrgPublisher – to say that I am not using IE.

The company has released a new version to address this issues – OrgPublisher 11.3.

But a faster solution is to just select the ‘Display intranet sites in Compatibility View’ (look under ‘Tools’ > ‘Compatibility View settings’). Or add the website address to ‘Add this website’.

After restarting the browser, that the chart appeared as per usual.

Last weekend’s project was to replace a Dell’s (Inspiron 1440) hard drive and reinstall the Windows 7. Unfortunately the DVD drive was not working.

I bought a new WD 500GB hdd for RM165 (about USD50).


Since the DVD drive was not working, I had to install Windows 7  from a USB drive. To do that, Microsoft provides a neat tool called Windows 7 USB DVD Download Tool.

1. First, convert the Windows 7 installer DVD which came with the notebook, into an .iso file. I used Corel Burn.Now utility from my Lenovo to do so (other DVD programs should be able to do the same).

Corel Burn.Now1 v2


2. Once the .iso is created, install the software from Microsoft –

Win 7 Download Tool v1


3. Run the application and select the .iso created in step 1.

Win 7 Download Tool v1 - 1


4. Insert an empty USB drive and click on ‘USB device’.

Win 7 Download Tool v1 - 2


5. You would need a USB drive with at least 4GB of free space.

Win 7 Download Tool v1 - 3


6. The USB contents will be erased – so ensure you copy all your data out before proceeding.

Win 7 Download Tool v1 - 4


7. ‘All contents of this device will be lost’ – don’t regret later.

Win 7 Download Tool v1 - 5


8. It will proceed to create a bootable USB device with the Windows 7 installer.

Win 7 Download Tool v1 - 6Win 7 Download Tool v1 - 7


I fixed the new hdd and booted from the USB drive created above (for this Dell machine, to boot from USB, I pressed F12 at the Dell boot screen and choose USB drive).

Just follow the Windows 7 installation steps as you would when installing from a DVD.

Dell Inspiron 1440 v1Old notebook with a new heart

Sometimes tech fixes are quite straightforward. Like this issue my friend had with her Asus notebook. She updated her Window 8 to 8.1 and her ZTE USB modem just stopped working.


I started by looking for an updated driver for the modem. Searched the official website – couldn’t find. Found one from a third party website – but it didn’t work. Searched the forums but didn’t find anyone facing the same problem. I was about to try the SIM with another device.

But thought I’d try uninstalling and reinstalling the built in application – Join Air. Guess what – after that it worked just fine.

zte4-aUninstall ‘Join Air’

zte3-bInsert the USB Modem and reinstall

Zte2-bInternet back on

So next time, I must remind myself to try simple steps first :).