About Me

People say write about your passion. But what is my passion? I gave this some thought and noted the following:-

  • My family and friends call on me to be their computer Helpdesk, even though I don’t have any formal training in IT.
  • Despite being tired, I would stay up late to solve an IT issue and feel so excited when I am able to solve it.
  • I volunteered to be a part of many IT projects during my employment.
  • I frequent online IT magazines on my Kindle Fire and on my phone, looking out for latest news on gadgets and IT businesses.

If the above was any indicator, IT would be one on my passions and that’s how this blog came about. I write about anything that catches my attention – my experience fixing tech issues, reviews on products and my opinions on tech news.

I hope that you will find my 2 cents worth reading. Enjoy 🙂