ZTE USB Modem (MF100) Not Working After Windows 8.1 Update

Sometimes tech fixes are quite straightforward. Like this issue my friend had with her Asus notebook. She updated her Window 8 to 8.1 and her ZTE USB modem just stopped working.


I started by looking for an updated driver for the modem. Searched the official website – couldn’t find. Found one from a third party website – but it didn’t work. Searched the forums but didn’t find anyone facing the same problem. I was about to try the SIM with another device.

But thought I’d try uninstalling and reinstalling the built in application – Join Air. Guess what – after that it worked just fine.

zte4-aUninstall ‘Join Air’

zte3-bInsert the USB Modem and reinstall

Zte2-bInternet back on

So next time, I must remind myself to try simple steps first :).