Updated To 10.2.1

When 10.2 was officially released for my Blackberry Q10, I was super excited. It came with a host of updates and the following features was pretty cool to me:-

  • Message preview from the lock screen
  • View and reply incoming messages directly from any app, and
  • The Android Jelly Bean runtime 4.2.2 allowed me to sideload more apps (though I was still not successful in loading OneNote).

But all that was forgotten when I heard about the next update – 10.2.1. In this version, you can install Android apps directly to your phone! (Previously you had to convert the apk files to bar files and then sideload it to BB10.)

10.2.1 has not been officially released yet but I couldn’t wait. I updated my Q10 with the leaked version from here and it was awesome!


I just had to sideload the Amazon Appstore and 1Mobile Market apk files for the first time. (Guide to sideloading can be found here.)

After that, it was almost as if I was installing apps on my Kindle Fire – super easy. I’ve just started playing around with the stores – some apps work, some don’t. But it does help close the gap on the limitations of Blackberry Appworld.

So if you willing to take the risk, go ahead and give it a try. (But do so at your own risk).

IMG_000003341Mobile Market running on my Q10


IMG_00000336Amazon Appstore


IMG_00000335Some of the working apps that I download from the stores – the new LinkedIn Pulse, Waze, and official Youtube app


IMG_00000330 v1Another cool feature – customise your Dropdown menu