Lost your driver?

Have you ever had a situation where you lost your software drivers for your computer and Windows can’t auto-detect it? I faced this issue when trying to reformat a friend’s computer.

It was an old computer and the driver cd’s has gone missing. And I couldn’t get the speaker to work because Windows could not detect the audio card. Tried a few methods but it didn’t work. And so I decided to open the CPU and have a look at the motherboard.

1. I opened the CPU (please make sure that the power is off and the cable removed when you do this).

2. I looked for clues on the type of motherboard being used. Found this code written on the board – PM8M-VH MS-7104 VER 3.0.

3. Googled the code and immediately the first item that appeared was www.msi.com/product/mb/PM8MV.html.

4. Looked at the website and found the audio driver and other drivers.

Problem solved! :).