Choosing a Domain and Hosting Service

As promised, here I’d like to share my experience choosing a domain and hosting service (dnhs).

It was mind boggling to say the least –,,,,, and it goes on and on and on and….. . If you can think of hosting company name, it’s probably available.

With a bad headache looking for the best dnhs company, it eventually dawn on me that trying to make the perfect decision can often lead to no decision at all. So here’s what I did:-

1. I spoke to some friends on what services they were using (referral).

2. Did some research on the suggested services (background check).

3. Looked for discount – sometimes these services give discounts through a referrer (discounts).

And I decided to go with

If you go to Netfirms’ website directly, you will notice that ‘The Plus Plan’ is USD4.45 per month. But if you google ‘netfirms discount’, you will see sites offering discounts. I got same plan at USD2.49 per month! at this link. Almost effortless and it saved me 30%!

Click on ‘Sign Up Now’

Choose your website name

Put in your details and payment information, and ‘Check Out’

And with that, I got my website name registered and tools to start my blog.